QC Elite Team 648

Flaming Squirrels

We build community as we learn to foster leadership and create opportunities to push ourselves to our highest potential through mutual support of each other and our community.

We are a high school robotics team that designs, builds, programs, and competes with an approximately 125 lb robot. Our kind of team is called an FRC team standing for, FIRST Robotics Competition. Our team is a part of a larger program called FIRST, which stands for, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. There are three other types of teams for younger students called FLL Jr (First Lego League Jr), FLL (First Lego League), and FTC (First Tech Competition).

Every year FIRST announces the challenge that our robot must compete in. We get approximately 10 weeks to build our robot from scratch.

We also do outreach events in an attempt to get more members of the team and inspire young kids to get involved with STEM programs. Twice a year we clean up a mile-long stretch of road.